UEAFIS Trading Group

Personal Investment

 There is NO minimum time investment. You can participate in as many or as few events as you please and can trade as much or as little as you want/can.

All services and education provided by Trading Group are FREE. TG also provides free brokers (only for futures market) - this is only for simulation accounts (paper trading) - for those who wish to practice.

NO minimum knowledge required. There is education and events for all traders, no matter they’re experience with markets.

Educational Material

Trading Group is not a class, and there are no lessons. You must teach yourself. 

However, TG offers educational material recommendations, whether it be websites, YouTubers, books, etc. The majority, if not all educational material that is recommended is FREE and accessible to all. You can also send in any information you find, and get a second opinion regarding its validity. 

Trading Group’s goal is to help new traders and allow everyone to grow, but you must do the leg work.

Trading Calender

When you joing the trading group you will be sent the calender which includes:

Weekly report analysis - traders can send in their trade reports, and discuss the week’s events.

Weekly Group coaching, provided by John Hoagland from TopStep. Traders can send in any questions, problems or ideas they may have to an experienced trader with more than 40 years of experience.

Monthly Seminars are available to access by all members of UEAFIS. These will be with experienced traders.

Monthly winner post - on the trading group Instagram each month’s best trader will have a dedicated post on the account.


Free simulation accounts will be offered to traders who wish to trade futures. 

The broker is Tradovate, and you will have access to live data, order flow, and market replay on your free membership. 

TG also recommends brokers that have access to more than the futures market, however, you will have to create your own account and pay whatever fee the broker asks. The information on each trusted broker will be on the Trading Group google drive.

What will you learn?

- Emotional control - losing in trading isn’t just inevitable, it is expected. Knowing how to win is natural, knowing how to lose is what makes the difference between the profitable trader, and the 99% who give up. Learning to control your emotions and act rationally in front of charts will inevitably carry over to your personal and professional life.

 - Developing a rare skill - value is based on scarcity, being a profitable trader is one of the hardest and rarest skills one can have. Developing your ability to consistently make money won’t just help you with markets, but also future employment in the finance industry; you will be more investable. 

- Critical Thinking - trading is about ignoring the noise of others, everyone has their own opinion, but not everyone is profitable. Trusting yourself and your analysis of whatever problem you are faced will also carry over to all aspects of your life, if you can make the correct decision in front of something as powerful as the stock market, you will likely also make correct decisions in your personal life.

 - Problem Solving - everything has a reason, if you aren’t making money you need to ask yourself why. Going down the list of possible reasons why you are losing money is the same as going down the list of possible reasons why you are in a situation where you are not content with your life, job, or relationship. If you can’t do that to solve your problems, whether it be personal or in front of a chart, you are destined to stay static.

 - How to make money - this is often the first thing that appeals to new traders. Getting money into your bank account is the final step in a long path of failure, despair and wanting to give up. But getting your bank balance up is 100% achievable for you if you are willing to be dedicated enough; but remember that trading is not all or nothing, you can participate occasionally and still develop all the previous mentionned.

If you have any questions about the Trading Group or you would like to join the Trading Group please email s.huxford@uea.ac.uk or fill out the form below.

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