Oakwood Fund

Invest with Purpose, Impact the World with Passion

The Oakwood Fund is a student-run, ESG-focused investment fund managing GBP 10,000 in ‚Äčassets under management (AUM). Our exclusive focus lies in long-term value and growth strategies, and we achieve this through the collective efforts of seven teams spanning diverse industries. As an autonomous division of UEAFIS, we have always operated as a non- profit educational platform, catering to undergraduate, graduate, and PhD students seeking to develop a strong foundation in market research analysis and investment comprehension.


Welcome to Oakwood! 

I am incredibly excited to welcome you all to our student-run ESG-focused investment fund. Oakwood is driven by educational excellence and results. Our mission is to equip you for success in the competitive world of finance by providing stimulating experiences and skill development. Our aim is to ensure that when the time comes, you can seamlessly transfer these honed skills to the next chapter of your career. 

At Oakwood, we place a strong emphasis on fostering a unique culture. We seek individuals who are genuinely passionate about joining our community, people who care deeply for one another and are willing to support each other selflessly. This core aspect of our culture is vital to us. Whether you are an upcoming, current, or past Oakwood member, we aim to create an environment where alumni actively engage in supporting our current members with insider tips to break into the competitive world of finance. In pursuit of this, we host an annual Oakwood dinner every summer, bringing together current and past members to strengthen these relationships. 

If you haven't already, make sure to connect with our social media pages to stay updated on the latest information, including networking events, career opportunities, and educational resources.
I look forward to meeting you all soon!

Joshua Li
Oakwood Managing Director 2023-24

Our Story

Established in 2020, formerly known as the East Anglia Capital and Investment society is now known as Oakwood Fund Management. 

With currently ¬£10,000 assets under management, Oakwood Fund is committed to making a positive impact in the world through responsible investing and empowering students with knowledge.  
Our fund follows Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) principles in managing our investment portfolio. We believe that investing in a sustainable and socially responsible manner aligns with our mission and values, while also generating long-term financial returns.

Our Purpose

At Oakwood, our core mission is to equip students with the knowledge and skills necessary to excel within the finance sector. We facilitate opportunities for students to thrive, not only academically, but also professionally. The Fund is instrumental in this process, providing valuable support to students through an array of initiatives such as mentorship sessions, workshops, and various educational events. We firmly believe that education is a powerful catalyst for transformation, possessing the ability to shape lives and ultimately, bring about a positive impact in our society.

Our Values


At our core, we are driven by a fervent passion for achieving results that align with the success of our clients. This dedication is mirrored in our unwavering commitment to upholding the highest level of  professionalism and ethical standards in all aspects of our operations. By infusing everything we do with passion, we strive to create a positive and impactful experience for all.


Ethical conduct is paramount to us, and we expect nothing less from everyone involved with Oakwood. Transparency, accountability, and responsible decision-making form the bedrock of our approach. We firmly believe that by maintaining unwavering integrity, we not only build trust and credibility amongst ourselves but also with potential future employers.


We understand the significance of unity in fostering a successful society, and we aim to nurture this spirit within Oakwood. While our primary focus lies in providing the best investment knowledge and strategies, we equally emphasize creating a welcoming and inclusive atmosphere through social events. Our goal is to ensure that every individual feels valued and included, regardless of their level of experience with investing. Together, we form a close-knit community where collaboration and support flourish.

Importance of ESG

At the heart of our fund lies ESG, a critical framework that has consistently demonstrated a strong correlation with high financial performance. We prioritize investing in companies that uphold exemplary standards in economic, social, and governance aspects. Trusting our reports will provide you with comprehensive insights into a company's profile, shedding light on both their strengths and vulnerabilities. Additionally, these reports offer a deeper understanding and validation of a business's decisions, risks, and sustainability practices.

Structure of Oakwood

 At Oakwood, our structure revolves around seven teams: 

1. Technology
2. Bonds
3. Commodities
4. Financials
5. Healthcare
6. ESG Report
7. Macro/Risk Report

Within each team, we have approximately three to five analysts responsible for conducting in-depth market research and delivering stock pitch presentations. Additionally, a senior analyst oversees the team, ensuring all tasks are executed to the highest standards.

Junior Analyst

Senior Analyst

Senior Analysts form the backbone of each team, acting as the gatekeepers of work quality. This track is designed for students with prior internships or work experience in Finance, providing them with a meaningful year-long leadership role within the Fund. Like junior analysts, senior analysts are recruited in early Autumn Term and receive leadership training before being assigned a specific industry sector (usually within the same team as previous years). They collaborate with the directors to select 3-5 analysts for their industry team. Senior analysts enjoy considerable autonomy in guiding their team's development and selecting stocks for the Annual Stock Pitches. They receive close support in the form of pre-prepared educational material and personal assistance from the directors.

Our Junior Analyst Programme offers a year-long commitment to the Fund and serves as a comprehensive training ground for individuals with little or no prior experience in market research and investing. The selection process, comprising two stages in early Autumn Term, leads to the assignment of analysts to specific industry sectors. Working alongside a senior analyst and a team of 3-5 peers, junior analysts thrive in a structured learning environment. They collaborate to create industry reports and deliver stock pitches grounded in sound fundamental and quantitative evidence. 

Junior analysts are entrusted with researching companies, evaluating their earnings quality, and considering macroeconomic factors. Additionally, they have the opportunity to develop and strengthen their modelling skills, producing detailed revenue builds and DCF models for forecasting. The culmination of the programme takes place at the Oakwood Annual Stock Pitches in late Lent Term, where teams present 1-2 stock pitches to the management team, investors, and potential industry fund managers. Exceptional returning students may be recommended for promotion to senior analyst positions in the following academic year.

How can you join Oakwood?

Membership with Oakwood is attainable through a selective application process consisting of two stages: CV screening and an interview. Prior experience in the field is not a prerequisite; we welcome individuals from all backgrounds. What matters most to Oakwood is the passion and motivation that potential members exhibit, coupled with a genuine hunger for knowledge and a desire to create a meaningful impact. 

For those interested in joining us, vacancies are currently closed for the academic year 2023-4. However, analyst positions might potentially be available in January 2024. Information will be made available in various social media platforms, including the UEAFIS website, LinkedIn, and Instagram.

Our Past and Present Members have received offers at: